Lucas Bakun / Łukasz Bakun

Lucas Bakun looking much thinner than he is nowOccupation: Cowboy builder
Debts: no idea, but they're now £14k bigger
Whereabouts: not exactly known

Łukasz, as you are aware - we took you to Court and we won (here) - the Courts said you need to pay us £14,293.95 - we are still waiting for it. Bailiff's said they went to your old flat in Cat Hill and you'd moved out.

I'm glad you still have a client that appreciates your work (and defends your honour - see second comment below) - as hopefully this means you'll be able to return the money you owe us.

This website is not retaliation against some perceived wrong-doing - it is in retaliation to some actual wrong-doing (as confirmed by HM Courts). Łukasz, if you were ever in the right (as you stated in your counter-claim), all you had to do was turn up and have your day in court, but you didn't. We didn't have a solicitor to assist us, the only evidence we had were letters of corroboration from your sub-contractors (here & here) and your emails & texts full of broken promises.

Łukasz, this is the deal - pay the money you owe us, as decided by HM Courts, and this website disappears forever. Simple as that.

Lukasz, as of October 15, 2015 we've had 5 additional complaints against you - and a single fan (who may be rethinking their position). This website isn't going away - isn't it about time you paid up?!?


As far as we can see, these are all his past and current companies since he arrived in London from Lublin, Poland;

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Past Comments

I had a very bad experience unfortunately.

This person had been recommended to me and I was naively trusting in his ability & professionalism – he was such a good salesman.

I employed him as a project manager and his role was to be in charge of all paperwork (drawings & plans, building control, planning permission etc), sourcing materials and supplying the workforce.

It quickly became clear once we had a visit from the council, after he had illegally commenced works, asking for our building permit that he was either incompetent or simply negligent. The council also advised we required planning permission – to which Mr Bakun said “but I called and they said it was fine”. Nice

Then materials that were purchased did not arrive and people walked off site as they were not paid.

We fired him & he disappeared, leaving us with a badly half-finished job which was thankfully rescued by a number of highly reputable companies.

We have since sued him in court and won

If anyone knows of his whereabouts, I would love to know, as some large gentlemen from the High Court also wish to speak to him.

left by Anonymous on Sep 17, 2013

I must say I am amazed that someone can create and post such a defamatory site as this. I have had multiple jobs done to a very high standard and have recommended his services to others who have been equally pleased. It is plainly obvious that whoever created this site also wrote the supposed past comment as some way of retaliation towards some perceived wrong doing. This site is not only petty but a shocking attempt to ruin and scandilize someones name business and dragging their family in to make themselves feel even more justified. Like I said earlier I and many associates have and will continue to have work done by this competent and honest builder and suggest you find better things to do with your time than creating such offensive and vulgar sites.

Yours truly

left by Anonymous on Nov 20, 2013

Lucas Bakun started an £80k extension project for us in August 2012 via a contract with Extensions and Lofts Ltd. Our architect had worked with him once on a more modest job that went ok and recommended him,

Despite a phased plan being drawn up by the architect and agreed, work soon began in multiple areas with lots of work left unfinished,

With hindsight, I think he did this because he couldn't pay for materials so had the guys on site do other work in an attempt to keep money coming in - he seemed to have no working capital.

While work was progressing we trusted him and even gave him extra work, but by Christmas 2012 he had 'run out of road'. He asked us to pay him £3,500 so he could pay wages, we agreed to this but work never restarted in the New Year - the build was perhaps 85% done.

We'd paid upfront for a number of items;

- Kitchen £6k

- Appliances £8k

- Flooring materials £4k

- Decking materials £2k

And all of that was at risk as LB was becoming more evasive about when work would restart.

Eventually the guy that had worked on site as foreman dragged LB to our house for a meeting on 16/2/13 when he promised to get the kitchen delivered and admitted that he had lied about having the appliances.

The foreman helped us finish the work and we had to pay him to do some of the work though for much of it he had a 'gentlemans agreement' with LB that he would get paid eventually.

So we never got our appliances, flooring or decking material and had to pay for them all again. There were lots of promises along the way to the meeting of the 16/2 of course - these come easily to LB, but the lies became so obvious it was embarrassing to listen to them.

I'll offer one anecdote...we paid him 8k for kitchen appliances in Oct 2012 as he said he could save us money, He said they'd been bought and put in storage. By christmas he said he'd "bought everything but the Siemens stuff", which was 75% of the cost. He said this to us like it was obvious that he hadn't bought all of it. In Feb '13 he promised to deliver them, but had to rent a van to do so, He said he'd be over on a Friday at 2pm - I called him on the day and he even said he was running late but we'd seen him later that day...

At the 16/2 meeting he admitted that he hadn't bought any of the appliances and the money was gone "this is what happens in the building trade" was his excuse.

We found him to be dishonest, though I'm sure others with less demanding requirements; a small extension here, a deck there say, may have found him to be honest and his tradesman competent. And we too had calls from tradesman left unpaid by him,

And our costs aren't at a end - we will have to replace shoddily installed bi-fold doors at cost of £4-5k. The supplier blamed the problems on LB's use of his own guys to install them which in turn has left us with no warranty - note that he didn't even give us the option to pay the extra £400 so that the supplier's installers did the work and we got a multi-year warranty.

We regret meeting him and trusting him, I don't doubt that if we'd not paid upfront for anything we wouldn't have lost so much money - though I'm sure his problems would have begun much earlier without the 'upfront' cash he was paying. We'd had to have paid money to others to finish the project, but we wouldn't be left feeling ripped off, though we recognise that it could have been much worse.

Our project was finally completed around 6 months ago - not by LB obviously - and while we're not yet fully recovered from the severe stress LB put us through, I've endeavoured to write this comment as dispassionately as possible.

left by Anonymous on Nov 24, 2013

I employed Lucas Bakun to renovate my flat in 2013. After a promising start, progress first slowed, and then stopped when he disappeared for a period claiming he'd been in hospital. Work re-started, but the project was never finished and he disappeared for good at Christmas leaving the project unfinished owing me thousands in work either not done or not done properly.

I also know of at least one subcontractor he left unpaid. He didn't even give me my keys back, which meant I had to change the locks.

Overall I found him to be unreliable and thoroughly dishonest.

I'm told he is now in Germany.

I'd like to thank whoever has set up this web-site. It's done a great public service to warn others, and it may be the reason LB no longer appears to be working in the UK.

left by Anonymous on Apr 15, 2014

I have also very unpleasant experiences with him and his friend Rafal. They owe me money for translations services and my case is already in court in Poland.

He's working now in Germany for the company Hansa Bau Profi (owner - Peter Schmidt) from Rostock. I know that his current boss is also not satisfied with his work. Maybe this information will help you. Good luck!

left by Anonymous on Jan 23, 2015

He is in Germany now

left by Anonymous on Oct 15, 2015